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Verdicts and Case Results

Verdicts and Case Results


We help injury victims move on with their lives at Kaine Law. We realize that an accident can change your life forever. As a result, we are prepared to fight fervently on your behalf.

Below, find verdict information and case results for some of the many clients we have represented:

$4.3M Settles Fatal Wreck Case Before Suit Is Filed

The fiancé and son of a young woman killed in an accident involving four cars and two drunken drivers have settled pre-suit claims for more than $4.3 million.

Terry Holmes v. Drederick Flood

Civil Action File No.: 10EV-010442A

State Court of Fulton County, State of Georgia

Our office represented the plaintiff who was injured in an auto accident. The defendant who caused the accident was being chased by police and hit our client head on. Amazingly, our client survived the accident but had substantial injuries and medical treatment for the years following. We filed a lawsuit in Fulton County against the at-fault driver and received judgment in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of $200,652.60.

Stephanie Holt on behalf of Dakota Holt, a minor v. Chaye Hawkins a.k.a. Charvis Hawkins

Holt, et al. v. Hawkins, et al.

Civil Action File No.: 09-SV-00958

State Court of Douglas County, State of Georgia

We represented the plaintiffs, an eight-year-old boy and his mother, after he was bitten in the face by a neighbor’s pit bull terrier while on the neighbor’s property playing with the neighbor’s child. This brave young man underwent extensive facial surgery to repair his eye, nose and both cheeks.

At trial, a Douglas County Animal Control officer testified about the dog’s violent past and history of leash law violations. The court awarded our client $700,000 which included the Georgia statutory maximum amount of punitive damages, $250,000.

To date, this was one of the highest awards to come out of the Douglas County State Court since its creation in 2001.

Andrene Wright-Howard v. Lotus F. Perkins, et al.

Civil Action File No.: 2009SV-1201

State Court of Fayette County, State of Georgia

Our office represented the plaintiff who was injured in her own home after being chased by a neighbor’s Rottweiler. She was raking leaves in her yard with her eight-year-old daughter when the unrestrained Rottweiler chased her into her own house and proceeded to tear her buttock apart. The police later described the scene in her house as having a bloody “trail of fatty human tissue leading from the kitchen into the dining room.” After the attack, she had multiple surgeries with permanent scarring. Her medical expenses were $20,000.

The lawsuit was filed in the historically conservative Fayette County venue against the dog’s owners, and we received judgment in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of $60,000.

Shon Nabers v. Three Friends, Inc. d/b/a B52’s, et al.

Civil Action File No.: 2006-CV-116530

Superior Court of Fulton County, State of Georgia

The plaintiff was a patron at an Atlanta area bar where he was stabbed in the chest by a bouncer. A lawsuit was filed in Fulton County against both the bar and the bouncer. After a bench trial, the court awarded judgment in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of $2,772,532.10.

$200,000.00 │ Pedestrian Killed by Motorist – A pedestrian was struck and killed while jogging.

$150,000.00 │ Motorcycle Accident Settlement – Accident involved a motorcycle that was cut-off by a car turning left across the motorcycle’s lane of travel.  The driver of the motorcycle laid down his bike in order to avoid hitting the car and never made contact with the car.

$47,500.00 │ Soft Tissue Injury Settlement – Minor soft tissue injuries involving a drunk driver (DUI)

$500,000.00 │ ATV Accident Settlement – The passenger on an ATV suffered facial fractures after the ATV slammed into a tree

$275,000.00 │ Motorcycle Accident Settlement – A truck cut-off a motorcyclist causing a crash.

$50,000.00 │ Soft Tissue Injury Settlement – Minor soft tissue injuries involving a drunk driver (DUI)

$175,000.00 │ Motorcycle Accident Settlement – A truck cut in front of a motorcyclist forcing the driver of the motorcycle to lay down his bike in order to avoid slamming into the truck.


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