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Car Accidents are a Leading Cause of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI’s)

If you have ever been involved in a car accident, you may have heard the saying, “As long as everyone is okay and safe—that is all that matters.”

This statement couldn’t be more accurate. While, a car collision can create severe damage to the vehicle, it can leave lasting effects on the health of those involved. A car is replaceable, but the people in the vehicle are not.

When an impact happens, the safety of those in the vehicle should be evaluated immediately. One of the most common injuries is that of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The number of emergency room visits, injuries and deaths from TBI’s has increased over the past decade. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia, 2.5 million people were treated in emergency rooms, injured or later died from a traumatic brain injury.

While there are several reasons people can suffer a traumatic brain injury, one of the most common is being involved in a car accident. The CDC states, “Among all age groups, motor vehicle crashes were the third overall leading cause of TBI (14%).  When looking at just TBI-related deaths, motor vehicle crashes were the second leading cause of TBI-related deaths (26%) for 2006–2010.” Additionally, for those who are between the ages of 5 years to 24 years, motor vehicle crashes were the leading the cause of a traumatic brain injury to occur to this population.

The traumatic and blunt force a car accident can have on someone is extremely dangerous and life altering. If you have been in a car accident and begin to experience dizziness, nausea, lack of coordination and change in sleep patterns, we ask you to seek medical attention immediately.

While medical assistance is critical, we also want to stress the importance of seeking legal counsel. Kaine Law has worked with countless victims who have endured a traumatic brain injury (TBI). We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible outcome for their specific situation—especially when future medical care is necessary due to the negligence of another.  Please remember, every car accident case consultation is free and confidential.  We have a No Fee Guarantee!

If you have more questions about this article, contact Kaine Law.

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